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Cash Discount

Dual Pricing offers cost savings to customers who choose cash as their payment method. This strategy creates a mutually beneficial incentive, as it helps customers save money while also decreasing credit card transaction expenses for your business. Companies can implement this pricing approach by integrating it into their payment terminal or point-of-sale (POS) system, displaying both cash and credit prices. Alternatively, for business-to-business transactions, you can include payment options on your clients’ invoices. Ask an Elite Payment Processing representative for details.

Card Not Present

Providing as much payment flexibility as possible is one of the most critical components of acquiring and retaining a solid customer base. If a prospective buyer can’t complete the purchase with ease, they’ll likely move on to a competitor of yours who can accommodate them with a simple to use merchant account.

Retail Solutions

You spend valuable time and dollars acquiring inventory, furnishing your store, and marketing your products, but those efforts may be in vain if you don’t have a reliable payment processing system in place to capture the sale with a reliable and efficient merchant account system in place. Today’s busy shoppers demand flexibility and convenience in their payment options. To maximize sales and keep your customers coming back, it’s critical that you provide them with quick, secure credit and debit transaction Solutions.