Recurring BillingElite’s Recurring Billing module is an ideal payment module for accepting payment for product, fees and services that occur on a regular basis; such as weekly, monthly or annually.

Increase your customer retention, build loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction with recurring billing. Improve your cash flow and business forecasting.

  • Streamline your payment processes with our recurring billing solution.
  • Build retention, loyalty and improve customer service.

With our recurring billing module the customer’s credit card that has expired gets new expiration dates and cards are authorized without customer intervention. In addition, new customer card numbers are retrieved from the issuer without the customer intervention.

Direct billing businesses take advantage of the benefits of recurring billing such as collecting payments and offering programs that defer payments which help increase sales.

Industries such as:

  • Membership and Subscriptions – Health clubs, magazines and publications
  • Medical and Health Service Providers
  • Utility and real estate company’s
  • Online Services – Internet Service Providers
  • Digital Services and Telecommunications – Wireless, cable and satellite providers
  • Insurance Services – Auto, home and other insurance services
  • Educational and Municipal Institutions

Issues arise when customers fail to notify you of a change in their credit card information. Account Updater electronically retrieves the most current cardholder information and updates the account without notifying the cardholder. By automatically maintaining the accuracy of customer data, Account Updater prevents disruptions due to account changes. This extends the life of automatic payments by helping secure ongoing payment programs all while continuing revenue streams, reducing processing costs, maintaining service continuity and strengthening cardholder satisfaction.


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