Interchange OptimizationInterchange Optimization is a system in which a business processes a credit card payment correctly with all of the data required by the card associations in order to qualify for the least expensive interchange rate possible.

Most of the cost for accepting credit card payments goes to card issuing banks in the form of interchange fees. That being said, merchants’ continue to struggle in order to obtain lower costs for processing. The real savings can be found with our interchange optimization solution.

Incorrect Interchange classification generally occurs both through inefficient processing methods and operational and technical inefficiencies at the merchant level. Elite Payment Processing’s solution manages interchange to create savings opportunities for merchants by aggressively and proactively managing the interchange tables.

For merchants to obtain the best interchange rate, the transaction detail (string of data) must conform to certain rules established by the card brands.

Learn how we can help you develop a solution with our features and functionality that will address your organization’s specific payments acceptance needs and reduce your interchange expense.


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