BATCH2-with-LogoElite offers Batch Processing for merchants who store customer orders in a spreadsheet format such as Excel® or Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. Merchants use Batch Processing to process large quantities of transactions simultaneously. Elite’s Batch Processing uses the fastest transaction capacity available and offers real-time online reporting within seconds. Elite’s Batch Processing can support in excess of 400 transactions per second.

Elite’s data capture capabilities enable you to create comprehensive purchaser information and monitor marketing programs. The private reporting fields capture non-standard data that is reported online through report generation. The standard fields include four fields of 64 characters each.

Complete and customizable fraud screening tools and velocity checking protect Elite’s processing. Standard 128-bit digital secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption secures all business processes. Deliver files or retrieve files through an Internet secure FTP process without expensive leased lines or slow dial-up lines.


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