Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing program can reduce or even eliminate card processing transaction fees. The fee is passed onto the consumer like an ATM. The fee is waived as a discount for cash transactions.

Merchant ABC
1129 Ocean Ave
Suite 303
West Palm Beach, FL 33402

  • 03/01/2023 15:31

  • Sale

  • Trans: #4 Batch: #1

  • American Express CHIP
  • ********1105 **/**

  • AMOUNT: $27.65
  • TOTAL AMT: $28.69

  • Resp: Approved
  • Code: 1234567890

  • App Name: American Express
  • AID: A0000000025010801
  • TVR: 0000008000
  • TSI: E800

  • Thank You!

  • Applied equally to Credit and Online Debit transactions*
  • Available for face to face retail swipe transactions
  • Fee amount will be a percentage of the transaction amount charged to the Cardholder
  • Fee amounts broken out on Receipts and Batch Reports
  • Merchants can have the option to cancel the fee amount at their discretion
  • Next Day Funding and Daily Discount provided with this program

How it works:

  1. Merchant enters the transaction sale amount and the fee is automatically calculated.
  2. Customer accepts the transaction amount and fee.
  3. Customer swipes, dips, or taps their card.
  4. Customer gets receipt and Merchant receives 100% of transaction.
  5. Merchant can waive fee on any transaction desired.

* An inactivity fee of up to $25 per month applies for accounts that charge less than $1,000. Technology Fee Option reduces or eliminates per transaction fee costs. Program limited to approved underwriting criteria. Program subject to average ticket and monthly volume requirements and limitations.

Online Reporting

Number Receipt Date Amount Amount
Tran. fee
Total Number Card Mode Transaction type
5 8/2/23 04:10 AM $112.88 $3.95 $116.83 ...5180 Credit Sale
4 8/2/23 04:09 AM $123.88 $8.95 $156.83 ...5113 Credit Sale
3 8/2/23 01:17 AM $212.88 $6.95 $148.23 ...5124 Credit Sale

Fee amounts can be viewed on transaction receipts and terminal settlement Reports (Below left)

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