tokenization1Accepting credit card payments from consumers is convenient and profitable. However, handling credit card data can be risky and expensive. Encryption can only go so far. In almost every fraud case, the card was encrypted, compromised and decrypted.

Tokenization is a system of replacing sensitive cardholder data with unique and particular symbols that preserve all the essential information from the card data without compromising security.

Tokenization, which minimizes the amount of data a business needs to keep on hand, is an attractive solution for businesses to increase the security of e-commerce sales while minimizing the cost of compliance of PCI industry standards.

With tokenization, the consumer’s card data never enters the business environment and reduces the liability of storing credit card data.

Cyber thieves will not find your business as an attractive target for card data theft when your business is utilizing tokenization. Once the token is created the token is meaningless to a cyber criminal.

Tokenization is a more secure and economical way to accept payments without assuming the risk of storing credit card data in your business environment. And, with tokenization, your PCI/DSS requirements are significantly reduced.


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