Fraud ManagerElite offers fraud solutions that help identify and monitor your transactions for suspicious activity, so we can reliably predict the likelihood of fraud occurring before the transaction is authorized. In addition to using the standard security tools already built into the payment gateway, such as AVS and Card Verification, merchants can now implement a fraud management solution. Complete with filters and tools, Elite’s Fraud Manager can provide merchants with more control over the decision of whether or not to accept a transaction. This feature can assist in preventing costly authorization and chargeback fees, and the possible loss of inventory that often result from fraudulent transactions…

Fraud Manager Modules include the following:

  • AVS Response
  • Block By Host or IP Address
  • Card ID Checker
  • Card Types
  • Country Blocker
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Email Blocker
  • Field Validator
  • Fraud Profiler
  • Multiple Credit Cards
  • Transaction Amount
  • Zip Code Verifier

Online transaction fraud should not to be ignored. If you do not safeguard your data, fraudulent sales will severely affect your bottom line. Let us help you identify and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions with our Fraud Manager solution.

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