Chargeback MgmtChargebacks cost merchants millions of dollars annually. The cost of lost merchandise and the management expense of handling chargebacks negatively impacts your business bottom line.

Elite’s Chargeback Management program can be customized to provide your business with web-based reporting, online response capability, chargeback re-presentment and an auto refund option to prevent chargebacks.

Online Chargeback Reporting & Response

Manage your chargeback reconciliation process online with our Chargeback Search, Compliance, and Financial Reports. Easily review chargeback patterns and uncover chargeback causes with comprehensive reporting.

Chargeback Re-Presentment

Chargeback re-presentment is a managed service that includes end-to-end chargeback resolution and payment recovery.

Chargeback Prevention

Receive a daily list of issuer-confirmed fraudulent transactions. This will allow you to refund cardholders and help prevent these transactions from becoming chargebacks. Elite’s Chargeback Management solution connects merchants with issuers to resolve customer complaints before they become chargebacks.

You can have Elite manage the refund process on your behalf using a configurable auto-refund option.


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