Level II-IIIIs your business accepting payments and sales from customers that utilize corporate cards, government GSA cards, purchasing cards (P cards) or business credit cards?

If so, you may benefit from much reduced credit card processing fees by submitting Level 2 or Level 3 data (Level II / Level III).

Level 2 Processing

To have your transactions qualify for level 2 pricing, you must use a certified product that collects and submits the necessary data properly to Visa/MC.

Required Data to Qualify for Level 2:

  1. Standard Info – credit card number & exp, billing address, zip code & invoice number.
  2. Customer Code – no longer required, but encouraged if they have it.
  3. Sales Tax – an amount must be submitted separately from the total transaction amount
  4. Merchant name
  5. Transaction amount
  6. Date
  7. Tax amount
  8. Customer code
  9. Merchant postal code
  10. Tax identification
  11. Merchant minority code
  12. Merchant state code

Level 3 Processing

Level 3 credit card processing requires more data than Level II. Most transactions are made with corporate purchasing cards and government cards. Government agencies and businesses use purchasing cards for enhanced reporting and more control over employee purchases. The data fields required for Level 3 processing includes those from Level 2 transactions, in addition to a number of others such as item product codes, item descriptions and quantities, item tax rate, ship from postal code, freight amount, duty amount, destination postal code, destination country code, and more.

Required Data to Qualify for Level 3:

  1. Standard Information – credit card number, expiration date, billing address, zip code and invoice number.
  2. Customer Code
  3. Sales Tax
  4. Freight Amount
  5. Duty Amount
  6. Line Item Details:
  7. Product / Service ID (item ID)
  8. Product / Service Description
  9. Quantity
  10. Item Amount
  11. Unit of Measure


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