How Dual Pricing Works

  • addIn-fee

    All items have 2 prices
    Similar to how gas stations have 2 prices depending on payment method.

  • pay-cash

    Customers Paying In Cash Are Rewarded
    Customers have the option to avoid the fee by paying in cash or check.

  • save

    Increase Profitability
    By eliminating processing fees and increasing overall cash payments you will be be adding long-term savings.

  • signage

    We provide signage to display to your customers alerting them of the payment options
    You will be able to notify your customers of the pricing options.

Increase Top Line Revenue Immediately

For two decades Elite Payment Processing has helped businesses all over the country reduce their credit card processing fees. Now we can help eliminate up to 100% of fees all together.

  • cashpayments

    Increase Cash Payments

  • pricing

    Maintain Pricing

  • profits

    Improve Profitability

  • marketing

    Boost Marketing Efforts

  • signage

    Reduce Overhead Costs

  • staff

    Hire More Staff

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